About Ronnie


My friends call me Ronnie. I’m a master woodworker, house builder, musician, writer, husband, dad, grampa, submarine sailor, artist and mostly crazy. My dad was a preacher and I spent most of my life submersed in religion. I am best Buds with God, but I hate religion. I am however, more than happy to discuss it with anyone who wishes to lose an argument. My best friend is Bill “Lanny” Lanahan who is twice as smart and cool as me.

I love the natural world, kids (cute ones, not ugly ones), designing and building stuff, Rock and Roll, fishing and camping, watching SpongeBob Square Pants and Samurai Jack, Jack Daniels, Guinness, Sushi and Connie’s meatloaf (Lanny’s better half).

I hate bullys, morons, duche bags, jerks, liars, thieves and mosquitos.

I support our President. It is great to finally have a man with a pair in the Oval Office!

I have read and studied the Bible my whole life, but I can guarantee that I don’t interpret it like the average double-digit IQ Christian. I refuse to circle my wagons around beliefs that are unprovable. I have my own theory of the Universe and the creation of man. I am willing to change my mind, but I am probably right about everything HAHA!

Oh, and I really like to cuss!