CONGRATULATIONS on Your Retirement…… Randy “DOC” Adalin!!

Today my Son-In-Law HM1 Randy Adalin retires from the US Navy.  Randy has served his country honorably as a Navy Medic stationed with various Marine field detachments both stateside and in the Middle East.  His 20 years of service also marks 20 years of marriage to my daughter Sabrina who also enlisted and attended Basic Training with Randy.

I’ve known Randy since Sabrina was a Freshman attending Kodiak High School. I tried everything in my power to chase what I considered to be nothing more than a ‘Horny-Ass’, ‘Sex-Craved’, ‘Shit-bird’, ‘Nit-Wit’, (did I mention ‘Horny-Ass?) Filipino away from my little girl, and it wasn’t until Sabrina was a Senior did I ever say my first words to him (up to that time – about three years in length – all I did was ‘grunt’ and ‘stare’ at him while cleaning my guns or sharpening my knives and axe’s).

Once I spoke to him and asked him to try and clear out a restriction in my home-made horn (which was nothing more than a piece of copper tubing that was still coiled and was cut off and shaped to blow back into your face when you blew into it).  It was Sabrina’s Senior Prom………… his tux was black………. the baby powder that filled the copper tube was white……….. Randy really wanted to impress me…….. he did, he blew REAL HARD!………… I laughed all night and into the next day……….. Connie and Sabrina were pissed at me……..  It was worth it!! Still brings me a laugh even to this day…..

Little did I know that that friggin’ little nit-wit would end up marrying my daughter, fathering three of my grandkids, enlist in the Navy, serve his country honorably, and then retire from it 20 years later.

Proud of ya Kid!!  I still got that ‘horn’……..

Author: Bill “Lanny” Lanahan

If you think that I'm Politically Incorrect...... You should have met my Dad!!! Known as a 'Master' of Run-On sentences,.... I'm the oldest of six and as such learned from an early age that the more people you have as subbordinates, the more shit you gotta put up with!! I've spent most of my working career as a first line supervisor and manager. I wouldn't trade a day of it away for anything - other than maybe a good Cuban Cigar and a tumbler of Single Malt Scotch!! I'm the father of two sets of grown twins and the grandfather of 13. Every generation of my German-Irish family have served our country during WWII, Korea, Viet-Nam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I'm a Godly man who cannot stand 'Religion', however some may say that I do 'speak in tongues' - especially when I get a bit pissed off!!

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