A ‘NEW’ Task For An Old Pair of Lead Boots??…..

It never ceases to amaze me how ‘justice’ in our country is served for those who are obviously guilty of the crimes that they commit.  Today’s newscast had a segment on the captured “alleged” killer from the Florida High School ‘Massacre’….  His team of lawyers presented this statement…. “Mr. Cruz is preparing to enter a ‘Not Guilty’ plea however he is willing to plead ‘Guilty’ to all charges providing the death penalty sentence is no longer an option”….

Give me a phuckin’ break!!!  What the hell does that mean??  The jerk was caught red handed killing kids and now says he’s innocent??  Is this ‘his’ statement or his ‘jackass lawyers’ statement??  And guess who covers all the expenses??  WE DO!!!  Our tax dollars at work here….  Paying for ‘his’ defense,…. and possibly his entire life expenses while he lives the rest of it out jerkin’ off in a gahdamn concrete prison cell…..  I just don’t get it!!

It’s like a kid who gets caught red handed with one hand in the cookie jar and the other holding a half eaten cookie while he chews, swallows, and says to his mom….. “I didn’t take and eat any cookies!!”…….  Then the kid gets a lawyer cause his mom – who can’t spank him – punishes him by taking away his cell phone and the lawyer says that the kid is willing to plead guilty to taking and eating the cookies providing he’s allowed to get his phone back so he can post photos of him eating cookies and Tide Pods any time he wants to for the rest of his life….  Go figure…  Justice???

I do have a remedy for all of this so called bullshit ‘justice’ crap though……

My immediate remedy,…. make all of the lawyers who defend these low life ‘guilty as caught’ bastards serve the same sentence as the ‘alleged’ convict….  It seems as if now a days the only thing defense lawyers are focused on anyway (other than getting famous) is finding a ‘mistake’ in the system that they can use to either lessen the sentence or drop charges instead of actually serving true ‘justice’ to the American taxpayer.  This process puts everyone other than the sunufabitch who actually got caught committing the crime on trial!!!  The cops,…. former teachers,…  past church ministers,…  old girlfriends/boyfriends,…. former family doctors,…. the family dog ‘Spot’,…. the night clerk at the 7-11,….. or the ‘Sandwich Artist’ at the local Subway who put too damn many jalapeño peppers on his veggie phucking sandwich!!!….  DAMN!!!,….. “You name it,… them jackass friggin’ lawyers will find a way to blame it!!”…   What a crock a shit!!!….  JUSTICE????

Well that’s not fair you say??….  Well, I do have an alternate plan…..

You see, there are thousands and thousands of acres of land in the United States alone that were at one time used as military training sites for artillery, naval, and air bombardments.  Apparently these same parcels of land are restricted from any human use due to what the government refers to as ‘UXO’s” – Unexploded Ordinance….  As such, cleanup of these sites is estimated to be in the “Billions” of dollars!!  One seven thousand acre parcel was estimated alone at between 800 MILLION to 1.1 Billion dollars!!  Total UXO parcels in the United States are listed to be around 42 MILLION acres, or the approximate size of the state of Florida!!

So……  My Alternate Plan….  Strap a pair of lead boots on each of these convicted bastards and their jackass lawyers and allow them the ‘privilege’ of stomping every square inch of land on these UXO sites!!!  Think about this….  There are approximately 162,000 felons currently serving life sentences in the United States and with an average taxpayer cost of about $40,000 per year for each felon, that comes to a total of about 6.5 BILLION tax dollars every year!!  So, with 162,000 life sentence felons along with 162,000 jackass defense lawyers, we now have a total of 324,000 pairs of lead ‘Boots on the Ground’ to stomp on a total of 42 MILLION acres of UXO land.

Now obviously every once in awhile someone’s lead boots are gonna stomp on one of those UXO’s which would be an obvious shame since the American Taxpayer would be out the cost of a good set of Lead Deep Diving Boots…  The upside….  Well, anyone that survives their portion of the UXO acreage stomping (approximately 260 acres per felon/lawyer team) would be set free – no longer a burden on the American taxpayer!!

Now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about free’n a felon, think about this……  First of all, no law breakin’ felon is gonna hang their hat in a ‘gun tote’n’ state – hell, they might get shot, so that means that they’ll obviously head for someplace like California, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Rhode Island, or Pennsylvania. Now once they get to those states and realize that the ‘illegal aliens’ have more rights then they do, they’ll start eliminating that group of government tit sucking’ free-loading bastards resulting in…….. You got it!!!,….  another win!!….

As for the freed defense lawyers……  I guess they’ll just end up running for Government office like all the rest of them gahdamn scumbags do!!  Hell,…… one might even follow the footsteps of #42 and #44 and become president!!….  An obvious loss here…

However,…. the ‘Best Part’ of all this could be that,………  Once we get all of our UXO sites cleaned up, we can use this same technique as a foreign relations bartering tool with other foreign countries!!  Obviously, if the felon/lawyer team were to successfully stomp their way to freedom in a foreign country, they would have to stay in the country that they were stomping for…  Another Win/Win!!….

Win,…. Win,…. Win,…. Win!!!!

Oh, for those of you who obviously took the time to read all this bullshit,….  It did actually (somewhat) take place – obviously without the colorful adjectives…..  During my time working at the Washington Headquarters office I was invited to sit in on a UXO meeting at the Department of Interior as our agency’s representative…..  No one from any other agency was willing to speak up….  Everyone just sat there and let the ‘Three Piece Suits’ spew shit faster and deeper than a 16′ tandem Axel BBI fertilizer spreader being puled behind a 100 horsepower John Deere tractor!!…..  Obviously I broke the monotonous Babylon bullshit that was being spewed out of the mouths of the higher ranking Department Government bureaucrats by saying just this thing…….  You coulda heard a pin drop when I finished my suggestion……  That too proved to be a ‘Win’ for me…..  I was never invited back to the Department as our agency’s representative for that particular ‘team’ ever again!!….  And ya know something,……… that meeting took place about fifteen years ago and………… they still got the same friggin’ problem!!!….  Go Figure!!!

Author: Bill “Lanny” Lanahan

If you think that I'm Politically Incorrect...... You should have met my Dad!!! Known as a 'Master' of Run-On sentences,.... I'm the oldest of six and as such learned from an early age that the more people you have as subbordinates, the more shit you gotta put up with!! I've spent most of my working career as a first line supervisor and manager. I wouldn't trade a day of it away for anything - other than maybe a good Cuban Cigar and a tumbler of Single Malt Scotch!! I'm the father of two sets of grown twins and the grandfather of 13. Every generation of my German-Irish family have served our country during WWII, Korea, Viet-Nam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I'm a Godly man who cannot stand 'Religion', however some may say that I do 'speak in tongues' - especially when I get a bit pissed off!!

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  1. Bill, you forgot to mention that you were “invited” after that particular incident for a week of “Sensitivity Training”. (It didn’t seem to take).

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