I was not born a sinner

I have been told since birth that I was born a worthless sinner on my way to hell. I decided it was worth entertaining a second opinion concerning my proclaimed situation.
First of all, it makes no logical sense. Seriously, a clueless woman gets tricked into eating a piece of fruit by a talking snake, and it causes all of the following humans to have to die and burn in hell. It also triggers thousands of years of gruesome sacrifices and bloody religious wars , torture and other sinister things. Seems a bit harsh.
In my biblical training I was told that a man’s salvation depended upon him first realizing that he was a sinner. Well, there it is! If you don’t believe that you are a hopeless, sinful piece of shit, the Christian Church has nothing to offer you.
The book of Job is about a rich man who was diligently righteous. Then God allowed the devil to bring great tragedy and pain to Job. When Jobs friends came, the first thing they pointed out was that Job was a sinner. Job however, did not believe that he was a sinner and stood up for himself. It is very interesting to me that God sided with Job. In fact, He was angry at the friends for what they said.
Job is a very concise biblical example of a human that was not born a sinner. I am not going to condemn myself as a sinner either!
I am not saying that Church is wrong or bad, I’m just saying that the spiritual benefits that the church claims to have for followers only applies to those who admit they are sinners.

Author: Ronnie Slack

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2 Replies to “I was not born a sinner

  1. A most excellent point! I guess that’s why being born a Catholic, my parents immediately had me baptized in order to prevent my soul from hanging out in what the Catholics refer to as “Limbo” for the remainder of my spiritual existence. Of course my Catholic school upbringing fed into this ignorance and provided my hungry and eager to learn youthful mind to envision a dreary place full of babies with shit filled diapers laying on their backs trying to wiggle underneath a pole to the tune of Harry Belafonte’s Banana Boat song.

    I was taught to believe that we were all born sinners because Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God and eating the forbidden fruit and that baptism is the only way to remove that “Original” sin. If this is true, and my mother and father were baptized prior to my conception and birth then logically, how in the hell could I be born a “sinner”?

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