Gender Neutrality – Canada Just Changed It’s National Anthem

Apparently, Canada just voted this past week to make its national anthem, “O Canada,” gender neutral, delighting liberal lawmakers and frustrating their country’s conservatives.

The offending line — “in all thy sons command” — was switched to “in all of us command.”

Personally, I could really give a rats ass what those damn Canucks do up there in the land of 1960’s hippie draft-dodging liberals, but what DOES concern me is how our country is following suite – this “Gender Neutral” shit is starting to get way out of hand here in the U.S with things like “Gender Neutral” restrooms, and so called social media platforms (TV, Internet, etc) shoveling gender neutrality bullshit up anyones ass who’s willing to bend over and take it like the manwoman, MORON they obviously are.

Wouldn’t forcing or ‘requiring’ anyone to adhere to any rules or laws such as defining a person as ‘Gender Neutral’ instead of the man or woman, boy or girl, male or female that they were obviously born as be considered a blatant infringement on our first amendment rights as Americans?  Would everyone then need to be reclassified as hermaphrodite (morphadite) on our birth certificates in order to comply to any ‘Gender Neutral’ requirements?  In my opinion this ‘Gender Neutral’ effort is just one of the many steps that liberals around this country are using in order to demoralize our great country and further advance their socialistic communistic agenda.

Some may argue the fact that there are many people on this earth that have changed their ‘Gender’ from male to female, or female to male and being ‘Gender Neutral’ is how they now perceive themselves to be.  Personally, the only reason I would ever think a man would want to change into a woman would be in order to play around and fondle their own damn titties…..  Well to those perverts, all I gotta say is……  Wait several years until you get a little older – they’ll kinda just grow on their own……

Author: Bill “Lanny” Lanahan

If you think that I'm Politically Incorrect...... You should have met my Dad!!! Known as a 'Master' of Run-On sentences,.... I'm the oldest of six and as such learned from an early age that the more people you have as subbordinates, the more shit you gotta put up with!! I've spent most of my working career as a first line supervisor and manager. I wouldn't trade a day of it away for anything - other than maybe a good Cuban Cigar and a tumbler of Single Malt Scotch!! I'm the father of two sets of grown twins and the grandfather of 13. Every generation of my German-Irish family have served our country during WWII, Korea, Viet-Nam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I'm a Godly man who cannot stand 'Religion', however some may say that I do 'speak in tongues' - especially when I get a bit pissed off!!

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