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Our 2018 32′ DEN Avenger Travel Trailer

On October 2nd 2018, Connie and I took possession of our new 32′ Avenger DEN travel trailer!!  “Nervous Excitement” is the only way to describe our emotions moving into a new experience together while creating even more memories for both of us as we move into total full retirement.  Since Connie will be retiring in March of 2019, we decided to purchase at the end of the camping season in order to get the best deal possible on our home on wheels – not to mention being able to have plenty of time to set up our new ‘portable’ home so that when the time comes to hit the road, we’ll at least have a bit of a head start on things (like set up, hook up, and use). Having the unit set up in our front yard is pretty convenient and allows us to test everything out and also add accessories to it – like screen covers on all small exterior openings to keep things like Mud Dobbers from building nests inside appliance gas vents…..

Driving home from the the camper store was certainly an experience!  At a total trailer length of almost 38′ from tongue to bumper, making turns is pretty comparable to jockeying around a tractor trailer rig with a 40′ container van!  Although I did have a leveler system and sway bars added to our F-250 3/4 ton Diesel rig, I can tell that there is definitely something back there!!  Having a wireless bluetooth rear camera added to the trailer, and a screen mounted in the cab of the truck helps a lot to see what’s behind me when going down the road.  Pulling onto the red dirt of Sharon Rd, and then turning onto our long narrow dirt driveway was a bit tricky, but “We Made It” just fine….

  The kitchen sink area.  Plenty of cabinets.

  View from the living area looking forward into the kitchen and dining area.

  The kitchen and dining area looking back into the living area.

  Three burner stove with glass cover top, oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer with side pantry, and backlit backsplash.

  Two rear bump outs that open up the back of the trailer into a nice large living room area.  the two couches on either side both lay down to form small jack-knife beds, and behind dining divider wall are two full recliners.  The entertainment center includes blue tooth, DVD, Blue Ray, CD, cable/HD Antenna TV.

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