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Valentines Day??

Hell, EVERY DAY is Valentines day here in Middle Georgia but, just in keeping with a little tradition, Connie and I decided to pop a cork on one of the vintages we’ve laid up in our wine cellar for over 15 years……


An OUTSTANDING bouquet!!!!


So now that Derrick has made it through ‘Red’ phase in boot camp and has moved into ‘White’ phase, he finally got a chance to use his phone to make a three minute call and like a good son, called his mom.  During the call he mentions to her that she should only write him on Fridays since he gets ‘smoked’ and has to do push ups for getting more than five letters.  His mom says “No problem, I’ll also let your girlfriend know.”  His reply… “No,… don’t do that, I don’t mind getting smoked and having to do push ups for her.”

Makes Me Say “Hmmmmm”

Connie’s always saying to me, “I have no idea how your brain works!”….  The only way I can explain it is by providing some examples of some of the bits of wit and wisdom that filter through my grey matter like “Death Wish” ground coffee beans strained through a Frieling French Press……..

  • If you bring guns to a gun range, why do people bring golf clubs to a driving range?
  • If I store all of my information on the cloud, will I be able to access it when I’m in heaven?
  • If using one Tide Pod can get your clothes clean, wouldn’t two or three get them that much cleaner?
  • Why are the buttons on the drive up bank machines also in brail?
  • Why are the people Connie works for such ASS HOLES!!!!