Senior Citizen ‘OPTIONS’ For My Georgia Sportmans License!!

Every year at this time I make my annual trek to the local sporting goods store to purchase my Georgia State Sportsman License. The license, good for one year, allows me to ‘legally’ reduce our states deer population by two bucks, ten does, and a gazillion ferrule hogs. It also allows for three turkey, sports fishing, and for hunting waterfowl, migratory birds, and just about anything other than alligators, the neighbors cats, and any local window varmints (I do have a carry permit for the latter). Not a bad basket of goodies for the $65 – $70 price tag…….  HOWEVER…..  This year was much different given the fact that I have surpassed my 65th year here on planet earth and have ‘OPTIONS’!

Yup, behind door number One….

***** For only $7, I could purchase my annual one year sportsman license – a savings of $63 per year (Providing the cost always stays the same).

Or behind door number Two….

***** For a one time fee of $70, I could purchase a ‘Lifetime’ license that (according to the paperwork) expires in the year 2218!!  – Thats only $0.35 per year!!! (Not sure if I would have to renew and repay after my 265th birthday though – the clerk didn’t know the answer to that question).

I obviously opted for door number two since thirty-five cents per year is way less than seven bucks per year, and I walked into that store with full intentions of spending $70 on a license anyway.  Besides, I have always purchased these licenses every year for most of my life and have pretty much just budgeted the cost of them into our annual household budget.

So, starting this time next year, I’ll have an extra $69.65 ($70 minus $0.35) to spend, so instead of making the annual trek to the sporting good store, I can turn that trip into an additional trek to the liquor store for a ‘Top Shelf’ bottle of Single Malt Scotch!!

Hopefully I don’t take that ‘Final Dive’ (Submarine Jargon) before my 75th birthday…  Otherwise I shoulda took the $7 option and settled for a less expensive (and probably less healthier) bottle……..

Hmmmm….. By choosing door #2 mean that I might have a “Gambling Problem”???…..

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