Practicing Diversification……

Connie constantly reminds me of how ‘Stubborn and set in my ways’ I can be most all of the time,…. and that ‘Mixing things up a bit and trying new things’ can prove to be a fun and exciting experience – ESPECIALLY when it comes to food and drink.

I have to admit, when I find something that I like when we go out to eat at a restaurant, you can pretty much bet that I will order the same thing every time we go to that particular restaurant. Besides, if I wanted to try something different, I’d go to a different restaurant…..  For instance, I like my steaks grilled on the Weber at our outdoor bar – they just taste better than having them broiled in the kitchen oven…  Now for something like spaghetti, that NEVER turns out on the grill so it’s always best on the stove in the kitchen!!….  So why would I order a steak at an Italian Restaurant, or a plate of spaghetti at a Steak House??  This is a good example of when ‘Diversification’ does not work!!

A situation surfaced yesterday when I was working outside on the RV camper trailer when the afternoon Middle Georgia heat reminded me that I needed to stay a bit hydrated…… Being of German and Irish heritage, what better way to rehydrate then with an ice cold BEER!!!  So, after heading inside the house and grabbing a six pack of Ultra’s to throw into the RV fridge, I immediately remember all those times that Connie has reminded me that sometimes ‘Diversification’ can be a ‘Good Thing’ so,….  instead of grabbing a six pack of Ultra’s, I grabbed one Corona, one Bud Lite, one Blue Moon, one Corona Lite, and two Ultra’s (I like Ultra’s)……

Bottom line………….

Diversification – It works well in the refrigerator!!

Diversification – “It works well in the refrigerator”!
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