I ‘Like’ Humans,…… But I ‘LOVE’ My Dog!!!

Today’s my little buddy Griffin’s Birthday – he’s now 5 years old……  When I retired just over five years ago Connie realized that after spending most of my working career as a supervisor/manager that in order for me to keep from bossing ‘her’ around I needed a dog….  So she got me ‘Griffin’…..  Although my grandson C.J. named him Griffin, I’ve pretty much always just called him either dumbshit or shitbird… he answers to both – especially if I’m holding a ‘Milk Bone’….

Griff’s a ‘Mix Breed………. Part ‘Capitalist’ with a substantial dose of Democrat… He never exerts himself unless there’s something in it for him…  He likes laying around watching me work, especially when I’m working in my shop.  His favorite thing to do is lay on the tool box I have mounted in my side by side that I use to do maintenance on our property with….  He’ll lay there and watch me work all day long…

One of his favorite spots inside the house – other than on my lap – is sitting on a bench looking outside waiting for any UPS, FedEx, or USPS deliveries….  His favorite is FedEx because that driver gives him ‘treats’….  Griff is a well trained ‘beggar’…

Although Griff is pretty ‘useless’ – a trait that I’ve dealt with in many of the humans I’ve worked with over the years,….. he’s dedicated,… doesn’t complain,… and likes all my friends…..

What more could any man want!!

Happy Birthday Shitbird!!

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2 thoughts on “I ‘Like’ Humans,…… But I ‘LOVE’ My Dog!!!

  1. Connie says:

    Happy birthday pup! Thanks for keeping him in line, having a reason to get up in the morning and someone to boss around and complain about! You’re doing exactly what you were suppose to, besides being really cuddly and fun to spoil!


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