A Week of 9MM…..

It seems like I’ve spent all week doing nothing other than reloading 9MM rounds for a couple of our pistols….  Connie carries a 9MM and when I found out that the Army went to the P320 Sig this last year, I had to get one of those too – thing is, we shoot the hell out of them!!  It’s a great round for Connie since it doesn’t have the recoil of either a .40 or a .45 – both of which are my preferred carry rounds, carries more punch than a .380, and it’s really a cheep round to shoot for practice.  But 1,500 rounds??!!!……  Damn, that’s one hell of a lot of shooting!!  AND, I’ve still got another 500 rounds to build!!

When we lived in the ‘burbs’ and I had to do all of my shooting at an indoor range – well maybe not ‘all’….  I did have a backyard range when we lived in Suwanee that the HOA wasn’t too keen on…… even though I used suppressors…..  go figure……  BUT, now that we live in the country, it’s nothing to go through a couple hundred rounds ever week or two… Guess I never realized just how much shooting we do out here…. All FUN!!!!

I only reload all of my empty brass once or maybe twice each year – typically in the fall and in the spring since those times are the most comfortable in my outdoor shop.  Reloading in the summer is totally miserable hot, and reloading in the winter is totally miserable cold (I know, 50 degrees might not be cold to some).

Not only do I still have another 500 rounds of 9MM, I still have 250 rounds of 300 BLK; 1000 rounds of 5.56/.223; 150 rounds of .40 cal; 250 rounds of .45 cal; and 150 rounds of 7MM Mag!!  I did finish loading 500 rounds of .308 last week, but then found another 100 rounds of 308 brass that I had stashed away so I guess I’m gonna have to set up and get those done too.

The one thing I did do this spring is to update from my single stage RCBS press to a Redding ‘turret’ style press so now, instead of having to re-set each die during the reloading process, I can just set them up once and simply rotate the turret to each die.  This has saved me tons of time and has allowed me to almost double the amount of cartridges that I can load compared to my old single stage press.

Although it’s time consuming and monotonous at times, reloading is a great hobby for me because it keeps my brain sharp, makes me stop and think before doing something stupid, helps me focus, and saves me a ton of cash compared to buying ammo over the counter but best of all,…….  it keeps me from doing what I’m doing right now…..  sitting on my dead ass drinking beer and slamming keys on this stupid computer!!

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2 thoughts on “A Week of 9MM…..

  1. Don says:

    Bill, Karin said that if Armageddon comes, she wants to be at your place, as only you have the firepower to defend anything.

    1. Bill says:

      No problem Don,…. got no problem with Karin using one of my guns……. you however,… well maybe without any bullets in it….


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